See 15 Glorious Minutes of Uncharted 4 Gameplay

Naughty Dog has another hit on its hands.

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The PlayStation Experience show in Las Vegas kicked things off right with a 15 minute demo of the highly anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive, Uncharted 4. This did not disappoint.

We see quite a few locales given the small location. From coast lines, watery caves, treacherous mountain tops, and over grown jungles. this demo had a lot going on in it. There’s plenty of platforming action happening where Nathan Drake gets to show off his amazing upper body strength and agility. We also see some intense gun battles and some new ways to take down enemies with your fists.

The game looks absolutely amazing. This is Naughty Dog on a PlayStation 4 so the fact that Uncharted 4 has this level of graphical detail shouldn’t be a surprise. Still, it is jaw dropping and looks the way a current-gen should. Naughty Dog will lead the charge in terms of graphical horse power on the PlayStation once again it seems.

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