See How PlayStation 4’s Share Play Feature Works

The long awaited feature gets detailed.

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Next week will see the release of the PlayStation 4’s Update 2.0, “Masamune.” The update will have a range of new features such as YouTube Sharing, background themes, a USB music player, a redone home screen, and a “players you may know,” section. The most interesting of the bunch is “Share Play” which will be a “virtual couch” of sorts.

Share Play will have two key features:

  • Share Screen will let players see what the other is doing and they’ll be able to either help them out with tips or hinder them by being annoying. PlayStation Plus is not required for this.
  • Give Controller To Visitor¬†will allow you to let a friend take over your game and play for you. Your friend does not need to own the game in order to play yours. If you’re the host then you need PlayStation Plus but your buddy doesn’t. It should be noted that there is a one hour time limit to this feature as seen in the video.
  • This feature will also allow you to hand over a second controller to your friend so that you can play co-op in a given title. The only sticking point here is that the game needs to have local play for this to work. Both players need to have PS+ for this feature.

This was one of the main features touted when the PlayStation 4 was unveiled back in February of 2013. It took a year to finally get it but better late than never I suppose.

Update 2.0 for the PlayStation 4 will go live sometime next week.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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