Super Bowl TV Spot Trailer of Jurassic World

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During the Super Bowl, there are a lot of new trailers which debuted as most already know. Some of the trailers are company based advertisements that we all love, and some are for movies, TV series, and/or games. Most cases, it would be the first time anyone would get a glimpse of these announcements, but in this case, we got new look at the Jurassic World TV spot trailer!

The trailer sheds more light on the park and its spectators, while also giving more information on how the staff will be dealing with the problem of having an advanced new specie of Dinosaurs. Jurassic World is starring Chris Pratt, Jake Johnson, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Judy Greer. The film will hit theaters on June 12th, 2015 for standard, 3D, and IMAX viewings.

Check out the video above for your chance to view this beauty and all its glory! I really excited for this film!


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