The React Podcast Episode 12 – Sony Sells Sony Online Entertainment

A bold move that can be a sign of bigger things to come

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Earlier today, Sony sold Sony Online Entertainment to an investment firm by the name of Columbus Nova. While many may not think this is a big deal, the truth of the matter is that the move will have ramifications on future titles such as Everquest Next, H1Z1, and the PS4 release of Planetside 2.

Having picked up on the news as soon as it happened, we decided to record a brief react to share our candid thoughts on what this move could mean for Sony moving forward.

Sony Online Entertainment

Our cast for this show includes:Charles Singletary Jr. (host)Chris Sealy , Richard Bailey Jr., and Jakejames Lugo.


What are you’re thoughts on Sony selling their online subdivision? Please feel free to let us know your answers to that and more in the comments section below.

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