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Throwback Thursday: Kanye West – The College Dropout (2004)

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This week marks the 10th anniversary of Kanye West‘s debut album “The College Dropout“.

For our Throwback Thursday feature, we will revisit five tracks from the classic album.

The first track of our selection is “Get ‘Em High“. This was positioned as track 9 on the album and features appearances from Talib Kweli and Kanye West’s fellow Chicago native Common.

The second track is one of Kanye West’s first memorable songs – “Jesus Walks“. This song was released as a single in 2004 but was actually recorded in the year 2000. The single achieved Gold status.

Track three of our five is “Never Let Me Down“. This was the eighth track of the album and featured poet J Ivy and Kanye’s mentor JAY Z.

Through The Wire” is track four and is Kanye West’s big breakout song which gained him some recognition as a solo artist. “Through The Wire” was released in 2003 as the album’s lead single. The track was recorded in LA after Kanye had suffered in a car crash accident in 2002 and subsequently recorded the song with his jaw wired shut.

The last track of our selection is “Last Call“. This is the last song on “The College Dropout“. The song briefly features JAY Z and lasts for 12 minutes and 40 seconds. The instrumental features a sample of “Mr Rockefeller” by Bette Midler.

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