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Hip-Hop Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: Kurtis Blow – Christmas Rappin’ (1979)

This week’s Throwback Thursday joins in the Christmas festivities by looking back at Kurtis Blow‘s holiday season hit “Christmas Rappin’“.

Released in 1979, “Christmas Rappin'” was Kurtis Blow’s first ever single.

It went on to sell 373,000 copies and was the springboard to a career of a Hip-Hop pioneer.

“Christmas Rappin’” was my very first song and let me say, it’s my favorite of all the Kurtis Blow songs, because it was my first. The record was an idea that came from my producers, J.B. Moore and Robert Ford. J.B. had the idea of making a Christmas song and doing something different that would last throughout the ages. J.B. Moore and Robert Ford, they were very special producers. They had the idea that they wanted to do something musical, and mix it with Hip-Hop, which was basically a street thing I had been doing for 7–8 years.

Kurtis Blow speaking about “Christmas Rappin’

Kurtis Blow’s music is available on Amazon.

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