Watch 30 Minutes of a Cancelled Legacy of Kain Game

Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun was scrapped back in 2012.

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Recently, NeoGAF member Mama Robotnik dug up a ton of awesome information regarding a cancelled game for the Legacy of Kain franchise (a ton more info can be found here). The game was titled Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun, and a leaked video has just surfaced showing off 30 minutes of unedited gameplay, made originally for internal demoing.

The game, headed up by British game studio Climax (now working on an Assassin’s Creed title) was scheduled to release sometime in 2012 but was eventually cancelled due to Square Enix fearing that it would not make back its money, although they later released the multiplayer mode in the form of the free to play Nosgoth.

The Legacy of Kain franchise has had a weird and bumpy path for the last couple of years. Five titles have been released since 1996, but according to the finder of this video, an incredible ten titles have been cancelled during the last 20 years (more to be found here – seriously, it’s all really interesting stuff). Only time will tell if Square will ever go back to the vampiric world, but for now at least we have 30 minutes of awesomeness to look at.

Below are some screens from the games supposed lore:


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