Charlie Nash Coming to Street Fighter V; Beta Details Revealed

The classic character returns from the dead with new abilities.

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Capcom has revealed that the originator of the Sonic Boom will be a member of the roster in the upcoming Street Fighter V. That’s right, it’s none other than Charlie Nash. The company also revealed new details on how players can get into the beta for the game.

As you can see from the trailer above, Charlie is different than he was before. Seeing as how he was shot in the back and fell off a waterfall, he wouldn’t exactly be the same man. We see him looking a bit like Frankenstein’s monster with sewn together body parts. He also has a new teleportation ability which seems to be granted by the jewel on his forehead. It’s obvious that some sort of magic was used to resurrect him.

As for how to get into the beta for Street Fighter V, it’s actually pretty simple. Anyone in North America who pre-orders the game will have access to it on the PlayStation 4 and on the PC. This is said to be the franchise’s “largest and most ambitious online beta program,” according to Capcom.

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