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Darkness will reveal all...

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Osome Studio in France has released a trailer for their new upcoming game, White Night.

White Night is a third-person survival horror game that takes place in the 1930’s with a jazzy/noir theme to it. From what was presented in the announcement trailer, it looked like it was a cross between your beloved detective noir stories/movies and Sin City. Both of which are unique and entertaining when it comes to a narrative-driven game as such.

Described as an “Old School” survival horror, White Night is filled with puzzles of light and shadows and having strong references of the 1930’s noir story-telling. Stranded in the darkness of the night and suffering from injuries after an unexpected and unfortunate car accident, you the player, must take refuge in a nearby mansion. While investigating your surroundings, you will be able to interact with the objects as you continue searching for answers and clues of why you’re there. White Night challenges players to face the nightmares of their past as you journey through the darkness which is your enemy. The darkness is everywhere and will reveal all.

In order to survive the long dreadful night, players will have to solve puzzles using light. Some of the features in White Night have players searching for scattered sources of light, with some of it being fragile, and the most powerful light sources are difficult to acquire. With light, you reveal the mysteries of the mansion by collecting matches to show the way through the darkness, revealing your next route. One of the keys of the game is to avoid apparitions in order to continue your search for answer. If darkness takes over, a mysterious presence will appear and influence the night against you. Explore a world of White Night, full of 3D mechanics by solving puzzles and immerse yourself in unique art and style of Film Noir.

Check out the video above of White Night and get ready to experience the mysteries of the manor!

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