Retro Recap Archive


Retro Recap – RollerCoaster Tycoon

A game where you can simultaneously provide fun and horrors to your customers? This week’s Retro Recap is none other than RollerCoaster Tycoon.


Retro Recap – Final Fantasy IX

Another Retro Recap on a Final Fantasy game? How could I not?. This week’s Retro Recap is the ever favoured Final Fantasy IX


Retro Recap – Pokémon Gold, Silver & Crystal  

A game about battling with animal like creatures? This week’s Retro Recap is generation two’s Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal!


Retro Recap – Final Fantasy X

Another game in the list of HD remakes, and it’s by far the best High Definition title to date! This week’s Retro Recap is Final Fantasy X!


Retro Recap – Summoner 2

Jumping to the PlayStation 2 era in this week’s Retro Recap with a look back to the 2002 sequel, Summoner 2.


Retro Recap: Tekken 2

When you mention beat ‘em ups, do you think Street Fighter? Of course not! You think Tekken, you think back to the days of this week’s Retro Recap, Tekken 2


Retro Recap: Kula World

An old school puzzle game that’s not Tetris? Crazy stuff! Even more crazy that this is completed via a beach ball! This week’s Retro Recap is none other than Kula World.


Retro Recap – MediEvil

After a brief hiatus, Retro Recap has returned! Today, we’re joined by our good friend Sir Dan Fortesque to present MediEvil!


Retro Recap: Bubble Bobble

A game about cute dragons and bubbles can't be that exciting, right? Wrong! This weeks Retro Recap is everyone's favorite Bubble Bobble!


Retro Recap: Pac-Man

One of the most iconic retro titles to every grace our presence. The arcade classic featuring the pill-induced puck, this week’s Retro Recap is none other than Pac-Man.


Retro Recap: Pokémon Stadium

More of a spin-off title rather than a stand-alone game, yet we can’t ignore the commercial successes of a game like this. This week’s Retro Recap is of course, Pokémon Stadium!


Retro Recap: Geometry Wars

A jump over to the arcade scene with a game that once held the record for most XBL Arcade sales, and it’s all thanks to a racing game. Geometry Wars!