Review Scores Explained

James G

Each of our reviews is a detailed opinion that documents that reviewers experiences with the particular game being reviewed. By nature, reviews are nothing more than informed opinions meant to help you decide whether or not you should play a game. As such, all of our reviews are detailed and are meant to provide an accurate description of the gameplay experience for you to determine for yourself whether or not a game is worth your time.

As is customary for the practice of reviewing games, all of our reviews also contain a numerical score. The score is only meant to provide the best possible numerical summary of each element of the game, along with an overall average. While all of our reviewers stand by their scores and choose numbers to reflect the review, to understand the full reasoning, one would need to read the text of the review in its entirety.

We stand by the system that a “50” is an exactly middle of the road and completely “average” game with all variations following off of that point. All scores are given in increments of five points to provide variation, where needed, but also an easy to understand formula.

We invite you to check out reviews and all of the scores explained in more detail below!