And The Winner Is: The Koalition Wins Black Weblog Award!

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It’s a celebration b*tches! Thats right, The Koalition has won the Black Weblog Award for best science/technology blog. We are thrilled and honored to represent the African American community in gaming. We are also a diverse site with different backgrounds of our editors. When we started this site in November of 2008 we had a goal to change gaming for the urban/hiphop community. This award lets us know we are on the right path. This is is OUR win, meaning you as well. We will continue to get better with your help and involvement.

Special thanks to James G, Randy Ledet, Edward V, Fergus Mills, Gary A Swaby, Rakeem Johnson, Carl Daniel, Haipa, Robby Russo, Sha’Linda Pruitt, Celis Hart and our loyal readers.

Also a special Thanks to The Black Weblog Awards and Black Web 2.0

We The Best.

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