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Skepta has held the UK Hip Hop and Grime scene down for years now, smashing his opposition in competitions such as lord of the mic’s and freestyling on many popular UK publications. Him and his brother JME are two of the grime scenes elite, along with their group of A list emcees “Boy Betta Know”. I recently got the chance to get in contact with Skepta and ask him some questions about his music and of course his video game experiences.

Don’t forget Skepta’s new single Lush is out now available for purchase, as well as his latest album Microphone Champion.


1. So Skepta your new album Microphone Champion is out, and we know its hot, but can you tell me how you feel about this new album personally?

I feel that it’s got more bangers on it than any other UK album that came out this year.

2. The Koalition has many UK readers, but even more US readers, so can you school them a little on what you bring to the table lyrically?

The sickest bars from the UK, no one can spit like me except JME, Big H, P Money and Tempz. But apart from them and maybe a couple others the clarity that I have on the mic is second to none. Everyone else wants to be American, you can hear I’m an MC from the UK who used to listen to Heartless Crew. Plus I produce, I bring nothing but vybz to the music I make … NEXT HYPE!!

Skepta Vs Devilman – Lord Of The Mics

3. How does the divide between US urban and UK urban music make you feel?

American culture is Hip Hop, they are always gonna be them. Everyone thinks they are going to go to America and blow but when I went there, there are youts on road trying to sell their music. If these people are out there everyday who do we think we are, trying to go over there for two weeks and blow up?

I want to be big in Europe, I don’t care about America right now before they take on grime there are millions of other hop hop artist that are gonna have to get recognized first.

Then again, the divide doesn’t stop anything because UK artists are number one in England AND America right now (Chipmunk & Jay Sean)

4. Tell us a little bit about how the UK grime/Hip Hop scene works?

You do music
You make a CD
Do videos
People get to know about you.

Basically you have to put A LOT of work in or QUIT!

5. The Koalition is the Hip Hop and Gaming Authority, So I got to ask you this. What was your earliest experience (that you can remember) with Video Games?

Duck Hunt on the very first Nintendo, I used to hide behind the sofa and pop my head up and try and shoot the ducks
I thought it was real!

6. Who is your favorite Video Game character?

Raiden (Mortal Kombat)

7. What would a Skepta/Boy Better Know Video game be like, who would be the villain(s)?

I would be the villian, I would be the boss. I’d be the guy you can’t beat and my name would be ……… Skepta!
The game would be an mc battle, and at the end of the level you have to mc in front of the crowd and whoever gets the most crowd cheers has to face me – the boss!

It will be called: Lyrical Assasins, the front cover would have me, JME & Big H’s faces on a white background with gold and black writing AND it will be available on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3

8. Has video games ever influenced your music, or have you ever wanted to do a video game project (such as a soundtrack)?

No but I wanted to made a soundtrack for GTA San Andreas, if they made the English GTA I’d want to make a beat for it
That would be deep!

Skepta – In A Corna

9. Being a fan of your music for so long, I am fully aware of Boy Better Know, but can you tell our readers more about them?

Boy Better Know is a collective of friends that make anthems and we represent Grime
We’ve got a vibe that no one else has got that’s why we make the best tunes also everyone in Boy Better Know has a girlfriend except me.

10. You have a lot of hits on Microphone Champion so many that I cant even pick a favorite, but do you have a personal favorite?

Yeh, My personal favourite tune on my whole album is ‘Are You Ready’

11. What do you feel makes you a Microphone Champion?

Because I make hits, when I write a lyric I want it to be so clear that ANYONE can understand it
My clarity is impeccable and I have wit, plus every clash that I have – I win!

12. Ok Skepta thanks for the interview, shout outs to the whole Boy Better Know and JME (and your other brother and sister, your whole fam blud because I’m know your all talented), please feel free to drop any shout outs right here.

Hold tight my sister, Jamie my little brother Jason. Big up my Mum and Dad – follow me until I do something wrong.
Always Ready

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