Interview with Stevana “Killcreek” Case. fatfoogoo VP of Business Development

Some of you know her as Stevie. Some of you know her as Killcreek. Some of you know her as the gamerchick who pwned the Quake creator. But now to her many list of aliases, Stevana Case should be known as a businesswoman. Stevana is the Vice President of Business Development over at fatfoogoo. To take a quote from fatfoogoo.com, “fatfoogoo is game commerce. From trading platforms to commercial ecosystems, we monetize your game.” They are making game companies plenty of cash money, but they still got time to hold it down with the gamers. Check out this interview that my man Hiphopgamer and the Koalition did with the lovely Stevana Case. Trust me. It’s worth every second. Be sure to head over to fatfoogoo.com to learn more.