Activision Estimates The Playstation 3 Outselling The Xbox 360 This Year

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After analyzing their Q1 fiscal results, Activision has released their console and handheld internal estimates for the year. The estimates combine both the North American and European territories. The diagram shows that they are expecting the Playstation 3 to edge out the Xbox 360 by one million. As you can see below they estimate that the Xbox 360 will sell up to 8 million units, while the Playstation 3 will sell 9 million. The figure also shows that they are expecting the Nintendo Wii to continue its dominance by selling up to 12 million. All handhelds combined are estimated to sell 18 million.

It is clear that Activision are amongst the many publishers who believe Sony have a strong momentum going, that can finally allow them to outsell their direct competition. Even if it is by such a small margin (compared to the margin of the Wii’s numbers).

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