FixPix Brings Stereoscopic 3D To The iPhone

iPhone games are released so frequently that it’s hard to be excited about any given one, unless it’s already an established IP or it’s doing something truly amazing with Apple’s hardware. For the latter reason Delicious Toy’s upcoming title FixPix has caught my attention and has me constantly checking the App Store to see if it’s finally available.

After looking at the video below its hard not to be amazed by FixPix. This refreshingly unique puzzle game introduces stereoscopic 3D visuals to the iPhone and challenges players to align two superimposed images by titling the device. FixPix also hosts a vibrant, visually appealing art style (courtesy of eBoy) which makes the 3D effects look even more impressive.

Eagle-eyed “Urban Gamers” who watch the video may notice an appearance by HipHop/R&B DJ Funkmaster Flex which begs the question, will other celebrities be featured in the game? I would love a level where you could attach more stupid tattoo’s on to Lil’ Wayne’s face or put Shyne back in prison to stop him from releasing awful music. Time will tell.

FixPix currently has no firm release date but TheKoalition will report back with impressions as soon as possible.

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