Amazing Killzone 3 Leaked Campaign Gameplay Footage

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This new footage of an older build of Killzone 3 has been released showcasing the dynamic world of Killzone in all it’s gritty quality. One of the highlights shows the main character Sev battling a huge Helghast Mech.

The footage also shows different designs for the characters, specially Rico. Naughty Dog’s helped Guerilla Games and it shows with better voice acting and presentation of the scenes, they also helped with effects like Snow/Water if you played the Killzone 3 Beta you can notice that.

Note the footage is recorded off screen, as you watch just imagine how it will look on your HDTV or 3DTV in just a few months, Killzone 3 comes out February 22nd, leave your thoughts. Watch as soon as you can as this video may get removed.

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