The Best Games Of 2011: inFAMOUS 2

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Full Title: inFAMOUS 2
Developer: Sucker Punch Productions
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Platforms: Playstation 3
Release Window: TBA 2011

Back in mid-2009 it was impossible to mention a certain game without mentioning another, those two games were Activision’s PROTOTYPE and Sony’s inFAMOUS. Both games, which were released just weeks apart, were third person action games which starred a protagonist whom had been “blessed” with super powers. PROTOTYPE’s Alex Mercer had genetically altered DNA which allowed him to shape-shift and make deadly weapons of his arms while inFAMOUS’ Cole was able to shoot wads of electricity after a Ray Sphere activated as he was set to deliver it. While PROTOTYPE initially got the jump in sales, inFAMOUS garnered more favorable reviews and soon went on to take the sales lead. Regarded as one of the PS3’s best games inFAMOUS 2 was an excellent title but unfortunately it had a host of problems. Most of the problems were technical but the games Good/Bad karma system was criticized for being far too bland. For the sequel, Sucker Punch are working to improve all the game’s problems and hopefully they will deliver the masterpiece that the first game almost was. Once again the game stars Cole who has left Empire City and now resides in a New Marais, a fictional City which is inspired by New Orleans. The new, brighter locale is a welcomed change and should help differentiate inFAMOUS 2 from its predecessor both in terms of visuals and gameplay. Cole also has a host of new powers, the most devastating of which is the Ionic Vortex which allows him to send out a huge whirlwind of electricity. Early trailers for the game suggest that Cole will also have ice powers, but the developers have yet to elaborate. Cole is also a lot more agile this time around and can zip through the environments way faster than he previously could. I briefly had a chance to go hands on with the game myself and from what I’ve played and seen this just might be the best game of 2011.


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