Amazon Xbox 360 Gold Box Deals Taking Place Now.

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If you are trying to save a little cash and still play some of the best games around today now is your chance to do so. Taking place at this very moment, is having an Xbox 360 Gold Box and lightning deal specials. The Gold Box game of the day is Bioshock 2, which is selling for $39.99 for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Right now Mass Effect 2 is for the Xbox 360 is $37.98.

There are specific times when you can purchase these lightning deal games, so you don’t have forever to decided if you want to buy them or not. Other than that, here are Amazon’s hints at what the rest of the lighting deal games will be for the rest of the day

11AM: Dragon Age Origins Awakening… $28.99
2PM: Rock Band Stratocaster… $99.99
4PM: Aliens vs Predator… $38.99
6PM: Charge up your Xbox 360 controllers.
8PM: This hit franchise comes to life on Xbox 360.

I will update this thread with games and prices throughout the day. Be sure to keep looking out for updates.

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