Are you A Rapper/Music Artist? Want To Be Featured On The Koalition?

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The amount of emails and hits we get from music artist is astounding. So to help most of you guys step your game up and make our job easier to feature you, I will lay out what you will need. Every week we will feature some upcoming artist and hold a public poll and let people vote and leave comments. So here is what you will need:

Things To Send

  1. High quality pictures (2 is the limit)
  2. Mp3 music files (2 is the limit)
  3. Bio
  4. Website link (only one)

Submit all of these assets to our official email for artist now: TKSongSubmit@gmail.com, all mp3’s and pics must be attached. Not every artist who emails is guaranteed a spot on the site. Reason is, we have a duty to post quality material, so try your best to submit good sounding mixes.

We plan on doing lots of collaboration projects with you guys, so if your dope this could be the start of a beautiful relationship. Pause.

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