Black Nintendo Wii Bundle To Be Released This Sunday In The US

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This one’s for all the vampires out there. Remember when AB Frasier reported that the black Wii was on it’s way to the US very soon? Well now we have a date. Nintendo announced that the black Nintendo Wii bundle will be available in the States from this Sunday (May 9th). The bundle will be $199 and includes the console, controller and nunchuk, plus the addition of two games to the pack: Wii Sports and its sequel Wii Sports Resort, as well as Wii Motion Plus. The console is already available in other countries, so finally US gamers will be able to enjoy the new color as well. Will this make those Nintendo Wii numbers rise even more? I am sure it will, there’s got to be millions of people in the US who still do not own one, and then another couple million with a desire to own an additional Wii.

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