Capcom Adds Trophy/Achievement For Not Selling Lost Planet 2

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Capcom has added a trophy/achievement to Lost Planet 2 which awards players for not selling the game for six months. The reward is a bronze trophy (and equivalent achievement) that unlocks after six months if you load up the game. Bronze? So keeping Lost Planet 2 after six months is only worth a bronze trophy Capcom? That should be a gold trophy in my opinion.

Unfortunately for Capcom, people have already found a way to unlock the Trophy without waiting so much as six minutes. Seeing as I am not a cheater, I will quote the technique from good old VG247.

* 1. Before starting the game, remove the LAN cable and set the clock seven months back.
* 2. Create save data file.
* 3. Return to the dash board, connect your LAN cable, and connect to Live.
* 4. Start up the game and load up the save file.

It looks like publishers are now going to extreme lengths to ensure that gamers do not buy or sell used copies of their games. You’re going to have to try harder than that Capcom, try a technique that doesn’t have loop-holes and you’ll be fine.

[VG247 | Andriasang]

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