DJ Hero 2 – Empire Mode Vignette

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Freestyle Games just keeps proving that DJ Hero 2 will be far more superior than the previous game. DJ Hero 2 now fully supports 2-player modes, vocal tracks, and more multiplayer modes. The Empire Mode is just another major improvement made.

Empire Mode is essentially career mode. You pick your DJ and you take him/her from the local house parties to the biggest raves in Berlin. As you progress you’ll unlock outfits, decks, and DJ battles with Deadmau5 ,and others. Empire Mode is pretty much a take on the career modes that you’ll find in any other music game but it was virtually non existent in DJ Hero. This is way better than just playing the setlist and done. And I don’t know why but I’m a game menu junky and the menus in DJ Hero 2 look really slick.

DJ Hero 2 is out this October on PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii. Get a look at the new Empire Mode below:

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