EA’s New Business Model Is Catching On

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For the unaware EA started something new to get a piece of the used game sales Gamestop is dominating. EA makes online modes free for first hand buyers who buy the game new. For those who buy the game used they will have to purchase a code to unlock the online mode. This gives EA a chance to get a piece of the highly profitable used game business. By making used game buyers pay them money still. But now this may not just become an EA thing.

Based on multiple sources of information that match up it does appear that THQ may be revealing their own version of the “Online Pass” that EA Sports recently announced for all their games. A reviewer on GameFAQS let the information out as copies are now in hand for some. A one-time code is found on the instruction manual providing access to online play for free for anyone who buys the game new. Anyone who would get the game used or rent the game would need to pay in order to play online.

THQ may be getting down an dirty with this model soon. Will this become a trend in gaming? Most importantly will this decrease used game sales for multiplayer heavy titles? I think if publishers go hard with it, it most certainly will.

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