FIFA 11 Interview

FIFA has proved once again that it is the most dominant football game in the market. FIFA 11 has reportedly shattered sales records from previous games in the series, selling 29% more than FIFA 10. EA claims that the game has raked in more than $150 million at retail.

FIFA 11 launched October 1st whilst I was at the Eurogamer Expo, and EA mentioned that October 1st to the 2nd was the busiest days for online play in EA history. FIFA 11 not only made EA history, but also sporting games history. EA said that FIFA 11 is the best selling sports game ever. Pro Evolution Soccer FIFA’s main rival failed to topple FIFA 11 in the UK charts even after releasing a week later. After, playing the amazing FIFA 11 demo non stop for a week, I knew it was a winner. FIFA 11 truly smashes the competition, out doing Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 this year.

On the FIFA 11 launch day at the Eurogamer Expo I caught up with Philip Wride the EA Sports UK community manager. I hope you like the interview below. Check it out as we discuss the vast improvements in the FIFA Franchise.

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