Final Fantasy IX Confirmed For PSN

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Remember last week when there was speculation over Final Fantasy 9 coming to the PSN? Well now it has been confirmed for the Japanese PSN. It it’s coming for the Japanese PSN, you can definitely expect it to come to the USA and Europe PSN service at some point. Currently Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII reside on PSN, so it’s only right that PSN loyalists get to add Final Fantasy IX to their collection. Final Fantasy IX is the last of the Final Fantasy games to appear on the Playstation 1, it was followed by Final Fantasy X on the PS2.

So for all of those looking to boost their Final Fantasy collections, this is a great announcement. Lets just hope to god that all our PSN and Xbox Live games will transfer successfully over to the next generation of consoles, otherwise what’s the point? No pricing information has been given as of yet, but expect it to cost around the same as the previous titles.

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