First Gears Of War 3 Details

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Thanks to information given to Edge by a US publishing source we have possible spoilers about Gears Of War 3. Spoilers include  a new locust enemy with tentacle-like appendages which can attack players hiding in cover spots. Delta squad, however will be equipped with explosives that can take out enemies in cover, and they will now have heavy duty mech suits that will act as cover whilst wreaking havoc I assume the heavy mech suits will be similar to the ones in Lost Planet. According to Edge those weapons will be utilized in both the single player and multi-player modes.

Gears Of War 3 is apparently going to be set in the summer time meaning a variety of new environments is going to be introduce into the game as well as a underwater location yes I said it an underwater location could this mean underwater costumes, weapons, or vehicles?

This release of information only adds to the speculation that the game Cliff Bleszinski was going to reveal tonight on Jimmy Fallon now being pushed back to Monday is a Gears Of War 3 announcement. Does anyone else think this spoiler leak was to hype up the Cliff  Bleszinski announcement? I guess we have to wait till Monday on Jimmy Fallon o find out.

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