GTA Being Used To Teach School Kids About Violence

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In an interesting notion, Grand Theft Auto the video game that is said to be a parent’s worst nightmare is being used to teach school kids about violence at certain schools around Merseyside in the UK. Grand Theft Auto remains to be one of the most criticized games when it comes to video game violence, and any issue of the franchise appearing in front of a minor has been a very touchy matter over the past nine years (since Grand Theft Auto 3 in 2001). Now however, a selection of school institutes wishes to use the game as a means to sway students away from being violent members of society.

Children are asked to categorize the pictures as “good real life”, “bad real life” and “not real” and receive an initial one-hour session with a SAMM representative and a police officer. Their teacher will then in turn, conduct more classes before the organizers return to evaluate the progress made.

The measure is being funded by the Home Office and run by the Support After Murder and Manslaughter (SAMM) organization along with the Merseyside police.

“They’re getting that much of [violence] that they’re desensitized,” said Gaynor Bell, the chair of SAMM Merseyside. “They think it’s normal life. We’re telling them this is not real, this does not go on and it should not go on.”

The program is said to be expanded to schools in other region sometime soon. How ironic is this? Rockstar should feel taken aback by the whole thing; all that bad press about their game being harmful to minors, and all of a sudden it’s being used in a so called positive way? Readers don’t be hesitant to leave a comment and let us know your stance on this.

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