Halo: Reach Beta TV Spot

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I’m really feeling the Halo: Reach hype now as we are just days away from the multiplayer beta. All the gameplay videos I’ve seen are very impressive. Halo: Reach seems to be on track to being this year’s biggest release and the beta is on track to be the most popular one to date. Hell, it even has a TV spot called “Birth of a Spartan”.

While watching the NBA playoffs and Justified on FX, I kept seeing the Halo: Reach live action TV spot. The commercial is pretty cool as it shows how Spartans are made. No shooting in this trailer, but its still well made and effective (Microsoft marketing doing what they do best).

While I try to inject myself with something that will make me more Spartan like, check out the TV Spot below in case you don’t own a TV. And of course, the Halo: reach multiplayer beta will available on May 3rd.

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