Halo: Reach Delivers Hope With New Live-Action Trailer

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We’re only 19 days away from the release of Bungie’s last Halo, and Microsoft’s cash cow. Of course I’m talking about Halo: Reach. As some of us may already know, Microsoft kicks ass when it comes to marketing; the Gears of War ad and all of the live-action trailers for previous Halo games. But this new live-action trailer for Halo: Reach may be the best ad money can buy, and the best ad for a game that I have EVER seen.

The trailer is full of great production value and even better CG work. It only disappoints me that the Halo movie never came to life. And I want to see live action grunts. Other than that the trailer is incredible, so much so I got goosebumps. They managed to capture action, emotion, excitement, great music, and more, in just a minute. Makes you wonder what they could do with a two hour film. Anyways, check out the trailer for yourself below.

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