Japan Gets White Playstation 3 With Massive HDD

Sony is to release a new white Playstation 3 slim SKU in Japan later this month which will include a bigger hard drive. There will be two white SKU’s; one featuring a 160Gb hhd and one with 320Gb. Current slim models feature 120gb of storage, so these new SKU’s offer much more space which will be useful for avid Playstation Plus adopters. The 160GB model will retail for ¥29,980 ($342) which is the same price as the current 120gb model, and the 320GB version will sell for ¥34,980 ($399). Both SKU versions will also be available in black as well as the brand spanking new white finish. There is currently no word on when the new SKU’s will see the light of day outside Japan. Pictures of the white SKU’s along with the white Playstation 3 slim stand and dualshock 3 are below.

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