Xbox 360 Sales Up Across The Board

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I haven’t been following the figures much closely but the news about the 360 “slim” model success is common from here in the US and even to Japan. Can the redesign be the sole purpose for the spike? Are people getting ready for Kinect? The built in WI-FI? Microsoft is claiming the new model is receiving “unprecedented demand” so far. Their claims may not be so far fetched because Industry Gamers even reports a surprising spike in Japan:

The Xbox 360 Slim has made something of an impact in the Japanese market; last week sales of the console hit 17,370 units, with 15K of those being the new slim model. The redesign has helped boost sales of the Xbox 360 by over 800%, a figure not seen since the release of Ace Combat 6, which helped bring console sales to 17,673 units the first week of the game’s release

I’m interested in you guys opinion on this. Did this rebirth tactic work for the Xbox 360? How many more marketing reset button will Microsoft push before the next console release?

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