Mass Effect 2 Kasumi’s Stolen Memory DLC Priced

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The Mass Effect 2 April 6th dlc Kasumi’s Stolen Memory has been priced at 560 Microsoft points for Xbox360 owners and 560 BioWare points for PC owners of the game. The dlc will be the first that Cerberus Network members will have to pay for, but is it really worth the price tag? The Stolen Memory pack was announced at GDC 2010 and will include new character Kasumi Goto a thief who can be heard about in news reports on Illium and the Citadel, extra missions that BioWare has stated will last an hour and a half, and also a new weapon.

While we wait for the Stolen Memory dlc we can all look forward for the Firewalker pack which will be released tomorrow for free to all Cerberus Network members for free, however the Alternate Appearance Pack which will also be released tomorrow which contains alternate costumes for Garrus, Thane, and Jack will be priced at 160 Microsoft points and BioWare points.

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