Molyneux Says Move And Wii Are The Same Product

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Our favorite creative director of Microsoft Europe Peter Molyneux spoke to UGO whilst at E3 last week, and during the interview he had some interesting thoughts to share on the whole topic of motion. When asked about the Kinect’s competition Molyneux had the following words.

“They seem very similar in their scope,” he said. “I know Sony and Nintendo would argue that they are different, but they kind of seem the same. They enable certain sorts of experiences, and they are analogous to Kinect.”

We all know by now that he isn’t the first to say that; but hearing it come from so many big names in the industry such as Michael Pachter and now Peter Molyneux goes to show that this is a common talk within the industry. When speaking on the differences with Kinect and the competition, Molyneux went on to say the following.

“It would be very easy for (Microsoft) to have created something like the Wii, but instead they did go that extra mile,”

This is something that our own A.B Frasier has stressed continuously on the Co-Op podcast, so will this be something that haunts the sales or the reputation of the Move once it is ready for release? Time will tell, but In my opinion each motion technology has its own set of pros and cons. Be sure to read the rest of the interview on UGO.

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