New Xbox Controller With A Redesigned D-Pad Coming November 9

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Major Nelson has unveiled a new Xbox 360 Controller that features two D-Pads in one. The new Xbox 360 Controller also ditches the Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green color scheme of the face buttons opting for white and gray buttons instead. Besides those changes the Analog sticks have been redesigned on the new controller making it more comfortable allowing for a smoother gaming experience.

Personally I never really use the D-Pad because most games use the Analog sticks which feel much better and less stiff to use. However, many people (usually those who preferred the PlayStation 3) have a problem with the Xbox 360 Controller’s D-Pad and claim that the PlayStation 3 has the superior controller for fighting games. I think that has changed now. The new D-Pad can be twisted to switch between two alternate versions of the D-Pad (Disk & Plus) giving players increased D-Pad precision.

Major Nelson states that the new controller will only be available with the Play and Charge kit on November 9th for $64.99 in North America, but European gamers will have to wait till February 2011. If you happen to be at PAX Prime in Seattle this weekend you will be able to get a chance to see the controller yourself. So what do you guys think? Day one cop or something you don’t care about at all?

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