Nintendo Confirms That 3DS Is Their Next Handheld

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Nintendo of America’s president Reggie Fils-Aime recently announced that the Nintendo 3DS will be their next hand-held platform. In an interview with BusinessWeek Reggie had the following comments on the release of a new handheld from Nintendo.

“We have ideas of what we want to bring to the consumer that we can’t do with the current DS model,”

“Fundamentally, this business is about software, not hardware. Software is what drives engagement by the consumer.”

Apparently the Nintendo 3DS is out sometime within this fiscal year, and we will get a good look at the new device this June at E3. The 3DS seems to feature multiple layers which gives the software a 3D effect without having to wear glasses. It definitely seems interesting, and it will be fascinating to see what other additions the new device will utilize. This is the first official confirmation we’ve had that the 3DS will indeed be an all-new handheld generation, making it Nintendo’s fourth after the Game Boy, Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS (not including the updated models of each handheld).

Check out the video below, this is an example of the type of 3D effects that the 3DS may be capable of producing.

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