No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise Moves To PS3 Exclusively

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The HD version of No More Heroes announced for PS3 and XBOX 360 earlier this year is now an exclusive to PS3 in North America. There is still no specific released date, Konami just says it’s coming next year.

The reason for this sudden change? The Playstation Move! SCEA and Konami clearly reached a deal where both saw beneficial elements, with 1 million+ Move controllers out there in North America that means 1 million potential gamers seeking new experiences could buy No More Heroes on PS3.

But to make it official, they went ahead and enhanced the PS3 version with more missions, ability to upgrade weapons and added a gym to train your Moves. Also the game has a new Rebout Mode which lets you take on bosses again. The PS3 version will also include new bosses and lastly a Viewer Mode which lets you view the game’s new HD cutscenes.

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