R.I.P. NBA Live. The Series Is Now Called “NBA Elite”

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Every since NBA 2K came on the scene it started to shut down the basketball gaming arena. This unfortunately was a bad thing for EA and their traditional NBA Live series. Year after year like clockwork, basketball gamers have been calling out NBA Live for being wack. It has been taking major L’s in the minds of gamers for many years now. EA has to know what the gamers have been saying  causing them to re-brand their basketball game into “NBA Elite” for the upcoming year. Here is what a spokesperson over at EA told the homie Owen Good over at Kotaku about the name change:

We knew it was time to leave the past behind. We have exciting and significant changes coming to our NBA game this year that will usher in the future of basketball video games. We look forward to releasing information on exactly how we’ll be doing that over the next few months

[Owen Good]

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