Rockstar Issues Update For Read Dead To Clamp Down On Bullies

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Red Dead Redemption is the best selling game of Q1 2010 so far, which means the multiplayer portion of the game is very occupied. I still have yet to own the game myself, but my personal friends who own the game tell me their experience has been tough at times due to players harassing them with gunshots at every respawn. If this has happened to you also then cheer up because Rockstar aim to give you some relief. An update is coming for the game that will include measures to counter cheating and hacking. Not only that but they will give you some breathing room in the free mode to prevent some nutter from harassing you.

Basically you will be able to choose your own spawn spot from anywhere on the map, whilst your killer will earn the status of “Most Wanted” making him the top target (happens after a six kill streak), ensuring that he will have an angry mob of Red Dead players after him (no more shit talking now huh?). The update will drop within the next month for Xbox Live and Playstation Network, so be on the lookout.


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