NBA 2K11 Michael Jordan Teaser, The Greatest Is Back!

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2KSPORTS just released the first ever teaser showing in game Michael Jordan and it looks great!, he is back!

2K Sports today revealed The Jordan Challenge, a new game mode for the latest iteration of the top rated and top selling basketball simulation franchise*, NBA® 2K11. This new mode will allow players to relive 10 different legendary games from Michael Jordan’s career and challenge them to replicate what he did on the court in NBA 2K11.- BBC

“Gamers will not only control Jordan, but some of the classic Bulls teams of the ’80s and ’90s. The games have been recreated to authentically mirror the appearance of arenas and players from that era.

Among the Jordan highlights featured:

— 1990 vs. Cleveland Cavaliers. Jordan scored a career high 69 points in an 117-113 overtime win.

— 1992 NBA Finals. In Game 1 against the Portland Trail Blazers, Jordan scored 35 points in the first half, draining a record six 3-pointers.

— 1997 NBA Finals. Battling a stomach virus, Jordan scored 38 points in a pivotal Game 5 victory against the Utah Jazz.”


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