Secret Code In Wave Race Exposes Nintendo’s Mean Side

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Wave Race: Blue Storm on the Gamecube was a great game but it had one major flaw – the announcer was too nice! Nintendo clearly knew of this issue so in what was clearly a moment genius they decided to include an easter-egg which turns the cheery announcer in to a bitterly unapologetic meanie.

Hearing the announcer call you “pathetic”, “weak” and “poor” regardless of how good you’re doing is hilarious, but his super sarcastic quips like “suuuuppppeeerrr” and “oooooohhh a turbo!” are blunt enough to actually make you feel ashamed.

If own a copy of Blue Storm and enjoy being verbally abused simply folow the steps below:

OK, boot up Wave Race: Blue Storm.

Go to Options and Audio Settings.

There’s a waveform display at the bottom that changes if you press the Z Button—tap Z until the waveform looks like vertically rising fog.

On the D-Pad, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, A, X, Z. You’ll hear an audio cue if you did it right.

Back out to the front end.

Start a race. Pick the first guy.

The pit crew voice will now be some dude who basically insults you the entire time. Also, the turbo becomes a little girl’s voice saying “meow meow

The rest of will just have the watch videos like this instead:

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