Sky Player To Have Kinect Support On Xbox 360

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Great news for all my lazy UK people out there who take advantage of the Sky player on Xbox Live. Sky and Microsoft has announced today that the Sky player will feature Kinect integration. The Sky player will be fully interactive allowing you to browse through the various programs with movements from your hand, and voice recognition. The press release mentioned the following.

“Selecting a favourite show, changing live channels, or easily scrolling forward and back through on-demand content is all made possible by a simple wave of a hand,”

Not only that but you will be able to play, pause, stop, rewind or fast forward using the voice technology on the Kinect. So go grab yourself a supply of crisps (potato chips), dip, and microwave foods; because it’s time to crash out on the couch and get lazy. The functionality will be made available to the millions of Sky player users from November 10th 2010.

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