Sony Patches Jailbreak Hack With New PS3 Firmware 3.42

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We all know what happened with the PSP piracy, it hurt PSP sales a on a cataclysmic scale. So when it comes to the PS3 Sony just can’t have that. So far the system has gone pretty much on hacked for the past four years, but the new Jailbreak hack threatened the system in a big way. Now hackers are going to have to either come up with something new, or avoid the new Firmware update released today by Sony. Firmware update 3.42 is confirmed to completely patch the hack, and it is a mandatory update meaning you will have to apply the patch if you want to continue gaming on line via PSN.

I’m not sure when I may turn on my Playstation 3 and apply the patch myself, I have been quite busy conquering the world of Dragon Age: Origins on the Xbox 360, though not by preference of console. Let us know how long it takes you to download the patch.

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