Sony: PS3 Bungie Game Will Be Like ‘Halo on Steroids’

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I realize everyone is excited and confused over the news Bungie and Activision has placed on us today. But one company in particular is ecstatic about it. Sony’s reaction to the news is like they scored an exclusive game (??) or something. Here is a quote I’d like to comment on, I’m sure you guys will love to agree/disagree with me. SCEA director of communications Patrick Seybold spoke about the news to G4 and on his twitter page, this is what he had to say:

Congrats to Bungie. Marrying their creative minds and incredible talent to the power of PS3 will be like giving PS3 fans Halo on steroids.

“This is great news for all gamers. Ultimately, as a gamer, if you want the best content available from the industry’s most renowned developers, today’s announcement further signifies that PlayStation 3 will be the only place to get it.”

Well, you see what I think, whats your thoughts on Sony’s enthusiasm? Will there be an exclusive game DLC in the works? ‘Halo On Steroids’ coming soon?


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