Sources Are Saying Natal Will Cost $149

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The smell of E3 is in the air, as rumors and reports leak out about Project Natal. Natal, if that’s your real name? Yes, one of the rumored leaks is that Natal is not even the final retail name of the product. So much time and mind share went into the ‘Natal’ name its going to take a while to get used to the new title of Microsoft’s motion marvel. Going by recent history of gaming product names, it will most likely be something awful like “Mojo.”

The big fish is however the rumored price of Natal. It will cost $149 stand alone and $299 in a bundled Xbox 360 package. Sony’s Move however will retail for less. So comparing the two from the jump will place Sony in the better value bracket. But, I’m holding final judgment on the worth of this product till I experience it first hand at this years E3 conference. And word is its looking to drop in October of this year.

My question to you is: How much are you willing to pay for Natal based off what you know about it now? Can’t wait to see your responses!

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