The Best Games Of 2011: Dead Space Extraction

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Dead Space: Extraction

Full Title: Dead Space: Extraction
Developer: Visceral Games
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platforms: Playstation 3
Release Window: January 2011

We’ve already established that Dead Space 2 is a must own title for 2011, but if you’re a multi-console owner you may be wondering which system you should purchase it for. Thankfully EA has made the choice really easy… if you like great games then you should definitely pick up the PS3 version! Why? Because the PS3 version of Dead Space 2 will also include a HD remake of Dead Space: Extraction! For those not in the know; Dead Space: Extraction is an excellent on-rails shooter which was released for the Wii in 2009. Unfortunately for EA, Extraction did Joe Budden numbers at retail and is primarily known for being the biggest commercial flops of this generation.  Hopefully the PS3 version, which uses the Playstation Move, will finally introduce Extraction to the masses so that this underappreciated gem can finally get its chance to shine!


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