The Poll Data Is In: How Excited Would You Be For Motion Support In Ghost Recon?

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This past week and a half we have been asking you all the question: How excited would you be to see Ghost Recon support Move or Natal? Rumors began to circulate about the possibility of the next Ghost Recon supporting Project Natal, which was the motivation for our question. 72 of you voted in total. Only 6 of you (8%) said that you would be “Very Excited”. 21 of you (29%) opted for “I am not excited but I am interested to see it.” The remaining 45 of you (63%) voted for the option “I am neither excited nor interested.”

So there you have it, the majority of the readers are neither excited nor interested to see Project Natal (or motion controls period) in the next Ghost Recon. Ubisoft I hope you are making note. There is now a new question for you to cast your vote on, just take a look at the side bar to the right. Thanks to all the voters who help us follow the latest gaming trends weekly.

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