The Readers Say Nintendo Won E3 2010

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Over the past week we have been asking our readers to let us know which company they think had the best E3 Conference. The choices being Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. 5 percent of you felt like nobody won, meaning those 5 percent of people think it was pretty even. 17 Percent of our voters thought that Microsoft won with their conference; hopefully not all those 17 percent got a free Xbox 360. 22 Percent opted for Sony, showing that they may have been impressed with a couple of those trailers. But of course Nintendo takes the W with 56 percent of the votes, and it was a well deserved win. That 3DS is a very sophisticated device. Having 3D in the palm of your hand totally beats throwing away ridiculous amounts of cash for a 3D TV. No matter how great Killzone 3 looked in 3D, we have to unfortunately remember that we are not millionaires.

Look out for more of The Koalition’s opinions on E3 2010 sometime soon.

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