Sony: Expect More PS2 HD Collections

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Great news PlayStation fans, it looks like there will be more PS2 remakes coming to PS3. In a recent interview with IGN, Shuhei Yoshida, president of SCE’s Worldwide Studios revealed that Sony are planning to release more upgraded PS2 games.

“Santa Monica Studios had the brilliant idea to upgrade and improve God of War for PS3 with the God of War Collection that we released last year,” Yoshida said. “There were a lot of positive reactions from consumers in doing that, and now we get a lot of suggestions for types of packs they’d like to see.”

“So we are looking to continue to do these HD conversions,”

Now we know more games are coming, what do you want to see? My games are FFVII, of course, maybe a Metal Gear Solid Collection or even a remastered Grand Theft Auto Collection, assuming Rockstar are willing to play ball.

Leave your most wanted HD conversions in the comments.

Source | IGN

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