Toshiba To Unveil World’s First 3D TV That Doesn’t Need 3D Glasses This Year

With all the 3D buzz going on these days where every single new movie seems to be 3D, it is time for the 3D experience to go into the next level. As you heard Sony are pretty much at the top of the 3D buzz even bringing it to their gaming division at Playstation and selling the 3D experience with 3D glasses as the future.

But here comes Toshiba with their counter that could had been specifically created towards Sony the ones pushing 3D with glasses. These two have history, remember they had an HD Format battle with HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray and Sony came out on top, by using the PS3 as the shield. On this new 3D front however that could be a different outcome, as Toshiba have revealed that they been readying a 3D tech for TVs that allow a glasses less 3D experience. Speaking to the folks at Information Week, Toshiba revealed their plans.

“We are developing 3D TVs without the need for glasses, but cannot comment further as we have yet to decide upon when to commercialize such a product, concrete specifications, or any other details,”

Their new imaging tech is detailed below compared to current tech on 3D sets

Toshiba’s innovation in 3D TVs is in developing an imaging system that emits rays of light at different angles, making it possible for viewers to recreate a 3D image in their brains, according to Shimbun. The technology doesn’t strain the eyes and the 3D image can be seen from different angles.

Today’s 3D TVs emit separate images for the left and the right eye in order to enable the brain to build a 3D image. The glasses act as a filter, so the correct image is viewed by either the left or right eye.

Toshiba also will unveil three models of the television, which will cost several thousand dollars, before Christmas, according to Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shimbu.

I had always thought the 3D experience for the home space needed a glasses aspect for it to be accepted. Don’t bring the IMAX 3D movie experience home, leave that experience where it is because that’s where it belongs. It is time to make the 3D Home experience have it’s own unique experience and I am glad to see a company with that in mind.

Information week

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